Why do you care about who a 25 year old white male wants you to vote for? #staywoke

I have a confession to make: I won’t be voting on Super Tuesday tomorrow. I could tell a long winded story as to why, but I’ll just chalk it up to distance, unawareness, and laziness. I am a bad American, and I am sorry. But what I can do is tell all three people that will read this who to vote for and thus how to live their lives. Because I obviously know all and therefore know what’s best.

My fellow Virginians: please vote for Bernie Sanders tomorrow.

This guy. Right here. This (let’s face it, adorable) Jewish geriatric is the one person in this Presidential field of slime, puppetry, and bigotry that actually seems to have a conscience. Each debate this cycle Sanders not only skillfully articulates concrete statistics relating to each question, but theoretically proposes solutions that are both specific enough to possess realistic merit and vague enough to be easily related and sold to the American public without leading them into the weeds. He’s not a master orator however, he’s a policy wonk. But his passion for solving our nation’s problems through policy makes up any shortcoming. His plans are sometimes divisive, left leaning, and ambitious. His rhetoric sounds a cross between a retiree yelling at a raccoon and an underclassman who just finished his Communications 101 class.

But here’s the kicker: I believe him.

I sometimes question not the intelligence with which his plans and positions are fashioned, but the ability to effectively and truly execute these actions without compromise with opposing (and sometimes hostile) parties. I truly believe that these ideas and decisions that make up his platform come from him and no one but. In a Sanders administration, policy won’t be dictated by special interests, political machines, and corporations. He fights for righteousness, reason, and to give Americans the resources to have a fair shake as success.

He’s fought for civil rights, veterans, and lower income families throughout his career that predates my own birth. And in these examples in particular, the fight was not for career advancement, personal enrichment, to ensure his place on the right side of history, but because it was either morally right, a responsibility in the aftermath of conflict, or enriched the community of which he was entrusted to govern.

Those achievements are commendable, but there are two root causes to our currently broken political system whose solutions are an existential imperative to our republic: campaign finance and income inequality.

Both perversions of campaign finance and income disparity are symbiotic. The wealthy few, made up of the selfish and the selfless, the greedy and the charitable, ensure that the treasures held by the wealthiest nation in human history are only enjoyed by those they see fit. Day after day the rich get richer and the poor get poorer when in these modern times we should be working towards lessening the physical and financial load of all. The few are enjoying the abundance, while the many are making due with the few.

I’m not a fan of the “Us vs. Them” mentality. And that last paragraph reeked of that, didn’t it? The good news is that Bernie isn’t as vitriolic. He’s not advocating for the guillotine or the gulag. A Sanders presidency would simply mean that the wealthiest Americans, American corporations, and banks fair their fair share in taxation; nothing more and definitely nothing less.

At the end of the day, I believe that Bernie Sanders seeks the presidency for policy, not position. He sees the office as a tool to enrich our nation and its communities, and not as a tool for expanding his power base or net worth. To him it’s a job he wants to faithfully execute, not an exclamation point on a selfish legacy. That is why he deserves the support of anyone that will listen.

So my fellow Virginians: please vote for Bernie March 1st in the Democratic primary. And please check out berniesanders.com and feelthebern.org for more information. There is true realistic policy to back up these pseudo-inspirational musings.

Thank you for your time.


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