Welcome. I have started this blog to kick-start my project of building my own website, which I hope to complete soon while I still reside in recent graduate/unemployment land. Here I will provide informed thoughts, commentary, reviews, and opinions on various stories in different fields. These fields may range from entertainment, politics, gaming, technology (including green technology), entrepreneurship, and even a bit of sports. From an old lady being denied citizenship due to her (lack of) religion, to the pros and cons of the next generation of gaming consoles and what that means for non-gaming audiences, to the rise of e-sports in the United States, to the status of a four-song covers EP that I’m recording in my bedroom (answer: it’s going ok…), this location will serve as headquarters for all things Nick Sloane until I gather the rest of the building blocks I need for my personal website. Basically I take the stories that I’m reading about on the internet, try to gather as much information on it as I can, and provide easily digestible commentary and opinion that tries to be as open and objective as possible.

So without further ado:



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